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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup: 

we always desire to look beautiful and perfect on our daily life, but due to many reasons it becomes tough for us to put on makeup every day to look beautiful. So we all must have thought this at least once in our life that, “why do we have to put on makeup every day?”Or “isn’t it possible to put on makeup once forever?” Now we can say that it’s possible.

By the blessing of medical science, permanent makeup has been invented. In HL LASER CARE you can have permanent makeup on your eyebrows, eyelids and lips.

The details of permanent makeup are given below:


This procedure is almost like pigmentation which is almost similar to tattooing. In this procedure we provide a wide range of colors and shades. So it’s very easy for one to choose a color according to her wish and skin tone. This procedure is done by our experienced doctors. The result of this procedure is very visible and will give you a very natural look.


This procedure is very much closer to the procedure done in the eye brows. Permanent eyeliner makes the eye look much more beautiful. Even on the case of permanent eyeliner we provide well and improved equipments and experts.


When it comes about lips we all want natural looking beautiful lips. By permanent makeup we can put on a lip color on lips permanently. During this procedure a mild anesthesia can be used. There can be mild swelling which will get well in few days. In this procedure we provide a wide range of colors and shades. One can choose any color or shade according to her wish and skin tone.

Modern medical science has invented many of a thing to make our life easier and permanent makeup is one among them. In the very same way HL LASER CARE is also here to solve almost all kind of skin problems what will make our life better and easier.