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Hair Extensions

Hair Extension

Hair extensions are a form of real hair that is closely attached to your scalp, adding length, thickness or color to your natural hair. Some are long-lasting, some are not; some extensions even last up to a full year before they need to be removed. This is a costly procedure in terms of money and time as it takes 4-8 hrs. In one set up. Here are the main types:

Fusion: These extensions are literally fused to your existing hair using a keratin protein bond. They last for up to four months before needing maintenance and you can treat them like you would your own hair. These extensions are very popular and an excellent choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance option that you can forget about from day today.


Micro-link or micro-cylinder: These extensions are attached using micro-links, sometimes known as micro-cylinders, beads, or locks. The links are easy to conceal in your hair, and there are no glues or chemicals involved. You can go about four months without maintenance. The strands can be re-used.

Braid less sew-in: This is exactly what it sounds like. New strands of hair are sewn into a base made out of your existing hair. This is a relatively new technique, and can last for about four months before you need to do maintenance.

Skin weft: Hair extensions are attached with the help of a polyurethane strip. 


You can go about six to eight weeks before you need to replace them. The extensions themselves can be re-used, but you need to replace the tape. The less often you shampoo, the longer you can go.

Clip-on extensions: These are temporary hair extensions you literally clip into place. You can re-use them anytime. They are however inconvenient for long-term wear. They are best just to add a little extra volume or color on days when you want to jazz up your look.